Other Works

Hey guys! So in my wattpad account, I have a few stories. I thought it’ll be great to list them here for those who are interested.

The Typical Quiet Girl

Tris Nyen is your everyday normal, introverted Asian girl. She is 17 years old and is attending Plumpton High School. Last year, Jaxon transferred to Plumpton High School, in the middle of the school year. What happens, when Tris and Jaxon’s relationship slowly begins to grow?

Release Me

“Where are you going?”

“N nowhere…”

“Don’t lie, I can see full well what’s in the backpack of yours.”

“Really, its just my friends asking me to go hang at their house. We’re just going to hang out in his room and I would be home before dark.”

The man pushed the boy into the wall. His breath smelled of strong alcohol and his speech was slurred.

“Your still lying! I know what’s going through your mind right now. You want to leave. Run away and never comeback. Well, that’s impossible boy. Now go to your room!”

Charmed Rose

Ian is the third prince of a tiny kingdom. What happens when he meets Luke, and goes through an adventure with him? Well, that’s up to you to find out.

My Roommates Are Idiots

“It all started with one word…” Jilian whispered.

“Chickawaawaa” Kelly quietly answered.

“Stop. Don’t even go there.” I told them.


Short Story

Starlight Soulmates

Part 1

“Compared to him you are the one I truly love.”

“…Surreee poodle shit, now go away. Cause I got things to do other than waste my time with your cheap words.”

“Ling, why…”

“I gave you a chance, but you blew it. I’m not going to give you another one.”

Ling walked into his house as he slammed the front door into Xu Lang’s face. Yun was sitting on the couch when Ling slammed the door. His wide eyes looked at Ling.

“Uhh…just broke up with your boyfriend?”

Ling glared at Yun.

“I see…well…It was better to cut ties now than later. I mean, if this dangerous relationship continued any longer. Your future would have been seriously harmed.”

Yun tried his best to make a very seriously face while speaking to Ling. Ling just continued to glare a hole into Yun. Seeing that his speech wasn’t working, he just gave up and comforted him.

“Don’t worry man. Look at my aunt Mare. She’s a rich madam divorced from a sneaky old bastard, walking her dog, going clubbing, playing poker. I can hook you up with her.”

“I don’t think I want to date your aunt Mare a**hole!”

“I didn’t mean that! I meant I could hook you up with her to get you some cute little boy toy… if you want…”

Ling was burning with rage as he slowly walked towards Yun. Yun started to panic and hop over the couch, running to his room.

“Better stay in my room for awhile…” Yun mumbled to himself as he grabbed random snacks from the kitchen before hiding.

Ling just stood in the middle of the living room, trying to calm his anger. When he finally calmed down, he just sat on the couch and stared into space. He was in a daze, he didn’t think of anything as his mind was wondering. He sat there until dinner time, Yun started to notice the eerie silence and cracked open his door. Seeing Ling just sitting there, Yun felt sad and walked towards him.

“Ling. You okay? Have you eaten lunch or dinner?”

Ling didn’t respond. Yun let out a sigh.

“Brother Ling. You can’t be like this. You knew that Xu Lang is known to be the biggest playboy in the whole campus.”

Seeing that Ling still wasn’t responding, Yun went to the kitchen to make them dinner. While cutting the ingredients, a phone ring could be heard in his room. Yun placed the knife down and turned off the stove before going to retrieve his phone.

“Hello? This is Yun.”

“Long time no speak. How are you, Baby.”

Yun looked at the called ID before responding. He read, ‘Daddy’.

“…Nian…when’d you put your number in my phone?”

“Last time we met up. You were drunk and put my as ‘Daddy’ remember.” Nian laughed as he recalled the memory.

Yun pouted his lips and replied, “Shut up. Anyways, did you need something?”

“Oh yeah, are you free anytime soon?”

Yun glanced at Ling.

“No, not right now. I need to help my friend, who just broke up with his cheating bastard of a boyfriend.”

“I see. Well call me sometime when your available. I got some information you were interested in.”

“Seriously?! Great, thanks! I’ll call you later. I’m busy right now so bye.”

“Wait. Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“A goodnight kiss.”

Yun’s face was covered in dark lines as he blushed all the way to his ears and neck.


He pecked the phone and before he hung up, there was a cheerful laugh from the phone.



***to be continued***